“I think it had the first deaths by diarrhea or farts ever in video games.” Go to The Gameological Society and read this piece by Ryan Smith on Tattoo Assassins, the incredibly tasteless, Mortal Kombat rip-off that never got released. » 4/10/13 9:40am 4/10/13 9:40am

Are You a Bad Enough Dude to Back a Bad Dudes Sequel?

For nearly a quarter century, this video game has posed the ultimate hypothetical question of one's manhood: Let's say, perchance, the head of government of the United States of America is abducted by masked assassins: Do you embody the qualities of a highly motivated, results-driven person who can effect his safe… » 7/14/12 3:00pm 7/14/12 3:00pm

Nothing Says Steroids, or Awesome Box Art, Like Two Crude Dudes

Two Crude Dudes » 4/02/12 11:00pm 4/02/12 11:00pm is a terrible game. Just terrible. I remember trying to play it as a kid, on a number of occasions, and every time I picked up a controller I'd be floored by how poor it was.

Burger Time Reboot Adds More Enemies from the Major Food Groups

BurgerTime, that lovable WTF acid-trip from the food-genre minifad of the 1980s [Food Fight, Pressure Cooker] is getting a high definition reboot, according to the ESRB. It'll have more than an fried egg chasing your ass around, too. » 3/02/11 9:30pm 3/02/11 9:30pm

Which NES Classic is Truest to Fighting Style: Kung Fu, or Karate Champ?

A third-degree black belt in American Karate, with experience in five other martial arts, assessed the NES' Kung Fu and Karate Champ to determine which 2D 8-bit game most accurately presents its eponymous fighting style. » 12/28/09 5:30pm 12/28/09 5:30pm

Are You A Bad Enough Dude For This Data East Collection?

Looks like Wii owners are due for an impending Data East flashback, as the Entertainment Software Ratings Board has weighed in on Data East Arcade Classics from publisher Majesco. Even better than Bad Dudes? Expect "deep cleavage" and "provocative outfits." » 9/03/09 4:00pm 9/03/09 4:00pm