Now You Can Get Free Sheet Music for Bastion's Best Tunes

I (and everyone else on the planet basically) loved the music to Bastion » 3/15/12 7:20pm 3/15/12 7:20pm. Now, SuperGiant is sharing for four of the songs from the game. Best of all they're free, not for sale like I originally thought.

The Voices of Bastion Perform "Build That Wall"

As a nice little treat, the folks at SuperGiant Games have posted a video of audio director Darren Korb and vocalist Ashley Barrett doing an impromptu performance of "Build that Wall," the track that won so many hearts (including mine) in the studio's lovely downloadable game Bastion. » 1/03/12 9:30pm 1/03/12 9:30pm

The Best Game Music of 2011: Bastion

Bastion snuck up on me—I had heard a lot of friends and fellow critics hyping it after seeing it at PAX East and GDC, but I didn't actually play it until it was released. For the first hour or so, I wasn't sold, but as the story snowballed and the levels stretched out, I fell increasingly under its spell. » 12/28/11 8:00pm 12/28/11 8:00pm