The Most Disappointing Final Battles in All Science Fiction and Fantasy


It's all been leading up to this. Hundreds of pages, or hours, of buildup, leading up to the final confrontation between the forces of excellent and the forces of not-excellent. And then... it's kind of a bust. The bad guys kind of fold. Or the fight lasts 30 seconds. Or it's just thumb-wrestling. Here are the most… » 2/27/14 3:35pm 2/27/14 3:35pm

More Disturbingly Life-Like Dark Knight Rises Toys

Following up creepy Christian Bale and tiny Gary Oldman, Hong Kong collectible company Hot Toys will also be releasing incredibly realistic Dark Knight Rises replicas of villain Bane and Batman's old Tumbler. » 7/19/12 12:30am 7/19/12 12:30am

Hold Batman's Gary Oldman in the Palm of Your Hand

It's Comic-Con week, which means we're going to be hit with new toy reveals from all angles. That's why only a day after Hot Toys took the wraps off a life-like Christian Bale figure, the Hong Kong company has shown off a Gary Oldman piece that's even cooler. » 7/10/12 1:30am 7/10/12 1:30am

Dark Knight Rises Figure Might be the Most Realistic Toy Ever Made

The full name for this product is "Batman - Bruce Wayne DX Sixth Scale Collectible Figure". That's for retailers, though. People like you or I will just know it as "holy crap it's a plastic Christian Bale". » 7/08/12 9:00pm 7/08/12 9:00pm