New PlayStation Network Terms of Service Include a No Suing Sony Clause

Have you agreed to the new PlayStation Network terms of service yet? If you have, then you've agreed not to take Sony to court or participate in a class action lawsuit against the company. You really should read things before you sign them, even digitally. » 9/15/11 1:30am 9/15/11 1:30am

Teen Brags Of Murder Over World Of Warcraft

This past March in British Columbia, two teenage boys — 16 and 18 — raped and killed 18-year-old Kimberly Proctor before mutilating and burning her body under a bridge. When it was over, the 16-year-old told a friend on World of Warcraft what they'd done. » 10/29/10 8:00am 10/29/10 8:00am

New Court Ruling Could Affect Used Game Business

If it's not the advent of digital game that could kill bricks-and-mortar game retailers, it might be the law. A recent Federal appeals court ruling could impact how used games are bought and sold. » 10/14/10 7:00am 10/14/10 7:00am

Mock Trial Calls Violent Games Case For California

A panel comprised of some of the nation's pre-eminent jurists, legal scholars and court observers pondered California's violent video games statute, which goes before the Supreme Court Nov. 2, and concluded the high court will decide 6-3 for California. » 9/27/10 9:30pm 9/27/10 9:30pm

ESA Brief Rips California Law As Threat To Free Expression

Blasting a California statute regulating sales of very violent video games as a threat to the freedom of creative expression, the Entertainment Software Association today asked the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down the law, once and for all. » 9/10/10 8:30pm 9/10/10 8:30pm