The 15 Greatest Pros—and the Greatest Pair of Cons—Come to NBA 2K12

Before Air Jordan, Converse was the top brand on the basketball court, singularly identified with Julius Erving since his ABA days. The only way I'd have a bigger shoe-gasm watching this video is if Dr. J set those kicks down on a red-white-and-blue ball, and the camera raised up to reveal a New York Nets uniform. »8/03/11 8:30pm8/03/11 8:30pm

Can You Figure Out What Makes This Watch "Video Game-Inspired"?

Joel: I honestly cannot see what makes this Converse watch "Video game-inspired"
Fahey: Well it's There's the... I got nothing.
Totilo: Dr. Mario!
Joel: That's about it maybe.
Totilo: also, the red and white on the right is clearly an abstract version of fireball Mario from Super Mario Bros
Totilo: the… »5/16/11 12:20pm5/16/11 12:20pm