Why Are Nintendo Characters in This Chinese Smartphone Promo? [Update]

Many game developers are rushing towards mobile phones as a place to release their games. Nintendo, however, has preferred to stick close to its own gaming hardware. Which is why it's so odd that Nintendo characters appeared at this mobile phone booth at the recent China Joy gaming expo. » 8/07/14 7:40am 8/07/14 7:40am

Sony is preparing to sell PlayStation consoles in China. As reported by Reuters, the company has set up joint ventures with Chinese company Shanghai Oriental Pearl to help set up shop in Shanghai's Free Trade Zone. » 5/26/14 4:20am 5/26/14 4:20am

A Brief History of Chinese Game Consoles

China and video games have a long and ridiculous history, but in the age of the internet, it's a story that's yet to be completely put together. And so, here at Kotaku, we will try to make sense of the history of consoles in China. Stay awhile, and read? » 2/05/14 6:00am 2/05/14 6:00am

Hold Your Horses, Don't Get Excited about Consoles in China...Yet

Earlier this week, China's State Council sneakily released a document about regulations in the nifty Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Due to this release, media outlets have been calling China's archaic 13-year ban on video games consoles to be over. I'm here to rain on everyone's parade. » 1/08/14 8:00am 1/08/14 8:00am

The Wall Street Journal has a smart analysis of China's nebulous lifting of the console ban—namely, what it means, and why game makers shouldn't get excited just yet. The takeaway? The latest announcement apparently adds little to what Kotaku already reported last fall. » 1/08/14 4:30am 1/08/14 4:30am

China's Video Game "Retail" Displays Look Suspect

Last week, photos of last generation video game consoles have appeared online in China. No, these aren't any regular old photos, the consoles in these photos are in retail display kiosks inside Chinese brick and mortar electronics shop Suning. » 1/06/14 8:00am 1/06/14 8:00am

Why China Banned Battlefield 4, Modern Warfare 2, and 40 Other Games

Censorship is a pervasive issue all across the world, but nowhere is it more evident than it is in China. Here, media content falls under extreme scrutiny before it can be released to the public, and video games are no different. » 12/30/13 6:00am 12/30/13 6:00am

Chinese CEO: China To Get Xbox One In Late 2014

China, the land where game consoles are currently still in a quasi-banned state, the console wars pretty much haven't started yet. Gray market imports of both PlayStation 4s and Xbox Ones are slowly trickling in, but it seems that, after all, the scales might tip in Microsoft's favour. » 12/16/13 6:00am 12/16/13 6:00am

China Lifts Their Console Ban... But with Strings Attached

You've probably heard that China has a video game console ban. Over the last year, there have been rumors that the 13 year-old ban would be lifted—and last Friday evening, a sneaky online posting by the Chinese government seems to have confirmed that the ban has indeed been lifted. » 9/30/13 6:00am 9/30/13 6:00am

Geeks, Games, and Extremely Bored Booth Companions at China Joy 2013

For the last 11 years, the yearly China Digital Entertainment Expo has been "entertaining" China and the world's gamers. Commonly known as China Joy, the show is usually known more for its booth companions—in fact, this year's China Joy was more about the gamers and geeks taking photos of young women. » 7/29/13 6:00am 7/29/13 6:00am

Opinion: Lifting China's Console Ban Won't Matter

Thirteen years ago, China banned video game console sales in the country. Now, it seems like the ban is coming to end, and while that is good, the reality of it all is that the lifting of the ban means literally phooey to China, the world, and video games. » 7/24/13 6:30am 7/24/13 6:30am