'I Bought My Boyfriend Call of Duty So [Our] Breakup Will Be Easier'

The last time we took a look at Whisper—a popular app that allows users to post text and photos with confessionswe saw that it was full of dissatisfied young women who get ignored by their significant others because of games. But that's not the only type of secret that people share on the service. »1/20/14 3:30pm1/20/14 3:30pm


According To These Confessions, Some People Are Still Ashamed To Like Video Games. In 2012. Twenty Twelve, People.

When I originally put together the gaming-related confessions people made on Twitter before the 'end of the world,' I left out something curious: there were a ton of confessions about liking video games. Like it's such a big reveal—the world is ending! What dirty secret can I get off my chest? Oh, I like video games. »12/24/12 6:00pm12/24/12 6:00pm

Lying, Stealing And Masturbation: Gamers Confess Secrets Before 'The End Of The World'

Obviously, the world didn't end last night. Still, the possibility spawned the #endoftheworldconfessions hashtag on Twitter a couple of nights ago, and some of these confessions were gaming-related. I compiled a selection of tweets from gamers where they confess to all sorts of silly, crazy, and sometimes disturbing… »12/22/12 6:22pm12/22/12 6:22pm