Contrast Gives Us 5 Screenshots Before Stepping Back Into The Shadows

Indie platformer Contrast sure is coming along nicely. We first caught glimpse of the game earlier this year, when we got a taste of the unique shadow-platforming mechanics behind the game. Now, with these screenshots, we get to see the moody, film-noir inspired world in greater detail. Have a look below. »6/28/13 7:40am6/28/13 7:40am

Contrast Teases You with Sexy, Dangerous Shadowplay for the PS4

This clip for the indie title from Compulsion Games doesn’t explain a lot. What it does do is give you a window into an art-deco, burlesque-happy world where you’ll be able to go from human to shadow in an instant. The aesthetics look wonderful and there’s a hint of interesting light/dark game mechanics in there,… »6/12/13 5:00pm6/12/13 5:00pm