EA Sports' College Football Series Survives Another Three Years

When word passed the NCAA was pulling its name and logo off EA Sports' 21-year-old NCAA Football series, many immediately assumed it was the death of the title. Once everyone realized another entity altogether handles the 120+ teams who appear in the game, it became clear this was largely an ass-covering technicality. »7/20/13 1:00pm7/20/13 1:00pm


Judge Tosses College Athletes' Claims Against EA Sports [Corrected]

A federal judge on Monday threw out former college athletes' claims against EA Sports, regarding the use of their likeness in past versions of NCAA Football and the now canceled NCAA Basketball. While the ruling clears Electronic Arts in a legal sense, the claims still will proceed against the NCAA and the Collegiate… »5/04/11 6:00pm5/04/11 6:00pm