Capcom's Two Classic Arcade Titles, Reborn on Modern Consoles

The sleek side-scrolling action-RPG you can see above is Capcom's Chronicles of Mystara, an updated re-release and bundle of two of their older arcade games, Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara. » 6/19/13 6:00am 6/19/13 6:00am

Here's What The Wii U eShop Has In Store For Us In 2013

At their E3-Direct presentation today, Nintendo revealed a list of games we'll be seeing on the Wii U eShop this year. It's... diverse, to say the least. » 6/11/13 11:15am 6/11/13 11:15am

One of Japan’s Greatest Arcade Brawlers Gets a $120 Special Edition

Back in March at PAX East, Capcom announced the re-release of two of the greatest arcade brawlers of all time—Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom and Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara—in the Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara collection. » 5/28/13 6:00am 5/28/13 6:00am