Christina Aguilera Is a Huge Gamer

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, popstar Christina Aguilera revealed her love for classic arcade games, saying she even has a mini "old school" arcade in her house with Donkey Kong, Mario, and Galaga. » 5/27/11 3:00am 5/27/11 3:00am

Christina Aguilera Has Hurt Herself During Wii Game

Oh no! Songstress Christina Aguilera hit her hand while playing the Nintendo Wii. It gets worse. She apparently bruised herself. The horror. » 7/16/09 6:00am 7/16/09 6:00am

Christina Aguilera's Favorite Video Game Is...

TODAY'S VERY IMPORTANT NEWS. If you read one post today, no if you read one post this month, read this about singer Christina Aguilera's gaming interests. She tells MTV:
I’m a big gamer. I love my Nintendo DS. I love my board games. So on the road, [I play them] especially to kill time. Now, I don’t have much time,… » 11/12/08 12:00am 11/12/08 12:00am