Dial H #7 Puts Two Unlikely Heroes on the Hunt for a Secret Telephone-Worshipping Cult

Dial H is the good kind of weird. The DC comics series springs from the imagination of renowned fantasy author China Mieville and plays host to all sorts of weird, shouldn't-exist-even-in-comics heroes and villains So far, thanks to aging hippie engineer Roxie, lead character Nelson's learned some of the origin of… »12/04/12 3:30pm12/04/12 3:30pm


Fantasy Author China Miéville Discusses Random Superpowers, DC Comics' Dial H for Hero and Video-Game God Mode

China Mieville's been trying to break into comics a long time. The native Londoner has busied himself with becoming an award-winning fantasy and science-fiction author in the meantime, turning out acclaimed work like Perdido Street Station »4/17/12 3:30pm4/17/12 3:30pm and the upcoming . A few years ago, it looked like Mieville's big break was…