You're Committed. So Are We

Over 1,600 Kotaku readers have shared their feedback with us via the 2010 Gawker Media Census. 70% of those who responded play at least 11 hours of video games per week—up from 60% last year. We admire your stick-to-it-ive-ness. Join the party—click through to submit your Census! » 5/04/10 4:59pm 5/04/10 4:59pm

Press Pause for a Few and Take the Gawker Media Census 2010

Last Census go-around, we found out that 61% of Kotaku readers play at least 11 hours of video games per week. Obsession anyone? Surely you can pause for 10 minutes in between levels to share your media predilections. C'mon. After all we do for you? » 4/27/10 4:59pm 4/27/10 4:59pm

North American Game Industry Employment Somehow Rose Slightly In 2009

According to the third annual Game Developer Census, game industry employment in North America has risen slightly in 2009, due in part to new Canadian studios and a rise in social and online gaming developers. » 12/22/09 11:20am 12/22/09 11:20am