Five Steps to Total Pwnage of a Gamer Girl's Heart

So you're at your local LAN tournament and you're totally stoked about playing World of Warcraft, Unreal Tournament, or Halo for the next 48 hours straight. » 12/11/09 10:00am 12/11/09 10:00am

The Goonies' Chunk Answers Gaming's Tough Legal Questions

Before he was Jeff B. Cohen, Show Biz Lawyer Supreme, he was the clumsy, vocal, faithful side-kick in Steven Spielberg's mondo 80's hit The Goonies. » 12/10/09 10:00am 12/10/09 10:00am

Treading The Boards: Game Characters Vs. Movie Actors

Being Nickelodeon's Golden Girl for five years came with inevitable perks, such as limos, an Xbox 360 in my dressing room, free Spongebob DVDs, and opportunities to engage in hand-to-hand combat with those Disney Channel kids at publicity events. » 12/09/09 10:00am 12/09/09 10:00am