Consider #lessonsfromz Free Advice on How Not To Run a Gaming Company

Scott Jon Siegel knows Zynga from the inside out. The game designer was at the casual game company as they grew to becoming a buzzed-about company, working on titles like Café World and Scramble. He left a while back and is now at PopCap Games. Like lots of other game creators, he looked on with concern as Zynga shed… » 6/05/13 7:30pm 6/05/13 7:30pm

Bubble Witch Saga Pops In On the Future of Cross-Platform Social Gaming

Today players of King.com's popular Bubble Witch Saga can continue their Facebook-based quest on the iPhone and iPad. To some a free-to-play puzzle game that seamlessly synchronizes between Facebook and smartphone might not sound like that big of a deal. To others it's another step on the path towards a future of… » 7/26/12 8:30am 7/26/12 8:30am

Looking for Some of That Facebook Money, L.A. Times Starts Hosting Casual Games on Website

Casual games make money. The L.A. Times needs money. So, the L.A. Times is adding casual games to its website. That seems to be the logic at work in a new partnership announced today between the newspaper and casual gaming company Arkadium, which makes Facebook games Mahjongg Dimensions and Solitaire Heaven. » 12/27/11 6:30pm 12/27/11 6:30pm

Casual Games Will Make Consoles Extinct - Clickz

"Digital Marketing" experts Clickz » 11/10/08 8:40pm 11/10/08 8:40pm have a theory - casual games are becoming the dominant form of gameplay and are killing the console market deader than a particularly dead doornail. "We are entering a future that many in the game industry are still denying and fighting against," says Clickz's Kevin Carney, "We are…

Sunday Timewaster: the irRegular Game of Life

The irRegular Game of Life » 11/09/08 2:30pm 11/09/08 2:30pm is a weird but fun little game (by irRegular Games) based on mathematician John Horton Conway's 'Game of Life' theory. In this iteration, you are given puzzles to solve and must set the little cells into motion to meet the goals of each level. It's surprisingly hypnotic at times — after…

Wild Tangent Studios Boss Steps Down, Internal Development Cut Loose

You know WildTangent? » 11/03/08 6:00am 11/03/08 6:00am The casual gaming specialists, fronted by former DirectX creator Alex St. John and long-time believer in the "casual games will soon rule the universe" train of thought, just announced that they are killing off their internal development studio, which had only managed to churn out three games in…