Mass Effect 3 Executive Producer Casey Hudson: “You Can Never Completely Satisfy Everyone.”

The Mass Effect 3 ending—one of the year's biggest video game controversies—will be getting more content when the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC hits next week. But, with all the fan outrage and protests that have come and gone, that series' executive producer apparently knows that it's not going to make everyone… »6/22/12 2:30pm6/22/12 2:30pm

Five New Mass Effect 3 Details You Might Want to Hear

Mass Effect 3 executive producer Casey Hudson spoke with UK magazine Xbox World, divulging some mid-production intel about Shepard and company. The info is scattershot; little pieces of unconnected details about many different aspects of the game. Still, they help to create a larger picture of BioWare's vision for the… »5/11/11 6:40pm5/11/11 6:40pm