VW Invented First-Person Racing Video Games And They Don't Even Know It

You'd think the development of what is likely the first computerized driving simulator with actual computer-generated visuals would be a big deal. An achievement like that would have set the standard for not just simulators, but would have been the genesis of every first-person driving game since. Which is why it's so… »12/18/14 12:06pm12/18/14 12:06pm


Why The Joystick-Controlled Car Will Never Die Or Actually Happen

Let me make one thing clear up front: I love both joysticks and cars. Loving cars is my job, and I've done my share to prove my joystick love as well. But I don't think the two need to be combined. At least not for actually driving. Yet the idea of a joystick-driven car seems to be one that will never die. »3/20/14 5:46am3/20/14 5:46am

Game Designed To Prevent Distracted Driving Is Extremely Distracting

Having a phone within reach is too much for some drivers so we've created laws that make taking a call, texting or looking up directions illegal while behind the wheel. There are also apps that try to restrict usage, like the Road Wars "game" I tried that's designed to reward focused driving. There's just one problem… »12/24/13 10:58am12/24/13 10:58am