Calvin & Hobbes Creator Pretty Much Dashes All Hope of Animated Movie

Bill Watterson is cartooning’s J.D.Salinger: creator of a genius-level touchstone work who’s practically disappeared from the public eye. But, somehow, Mental Floss scored an interview with him. Watterson sounds just dandy overall but crushes the dreams of anybody hoping that Pixar or any other animation house would… »10/17/13 3:00pm10/17/13 3:00pm


The Calvin & Hobbes Documentary Stars Everyone Except the Artist

Bill Watterson, the Salinger-esque creator of what still may be the most popular comic strip in the United States even 18 years after it ended, does not appear in this trailer. For all we know, Calvin & Hobbes' artist will only communicate with the audience as he has for the past 30 or so years: by letting his work… »10/12/13 12:00pm10/12/13 12:00pm

The World Deserves A Great Calvin & Hobbes Documentary. Maybe This One.

If you've got a heart beating somewhere in that bruised, battered chest of yours, you probably love Calvin & Hobbes. A couple of weeks ago while perusing a bookstore, I walked past the new complete collection of Bill Watterson's famous comics. I saw Calvin on the cover, balancing on a fallen tree alongside his… »3/04/13 10:30pm3/04/13 10:30pm