David Hasselhoff Wants To Develop a Video Game (No, Really)

David Hasselhoff, probably for no reason other than the fact he is David Hasselhoff, figures a lifetime spent acting and singing at Germans has adequately prepared him for the role of video game designer. » 10/13/11 3:30am 10/13/11 3:30am

Burnout Crash for iOS Lets You Touch the Carnage

Released as a downloadable for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, Burnout Crash took the popular destructive mode from the racing series and spun it out into a pinball-style explosion orgy. Now EA's rolling out a portable version of Crash for iPad, iPad 2 and iPhone 4. You'll get finger-friendly automotive action and… » 10/12/11 3:20pm 10/12/11 3:20pm

David Hasselhoff Takes On an Ice Cream Truck in the Latest Burnout:…

If there's one thing that video game trailers could use more of, it's David Hasselhoff. So thank goodness for Criterion and EA, who conscripted the 'Hoff to appear in the latest trailer for the just-released downloadable Xbox Kinect game Burnout: Crash. » 9/21/11 2:20pm 9/21/11 2:20pm

The Pizza of Fortune Will Be the Key to Burnout Crash's Success

When I first saw the top-down arcade game Criterion Games is trying to pass off as a Burnout title, like many fans I was somewhat upset, but how can I stay angry at a game that features the Pizza of Fortune? » 8/31/11 12:20pm 8/31/11 12:20pm

The New Burnout: Crash Trailer Features Crashing, Burning

Just in time for Gamescom, EA has shared a new trailer for its upcoming XBLA/PSN car-smasher Burnout: Crash. The 360 version of the game will be compatible with Kinect, and Crecente had a lot more fun with the game than he thought he would. » 8/18/11 5:40pm 8/18/11 5:40pm

Full Body Burnout Crash Is More Fun Than It Sounds

Burnout Crash seems to be a wonderful party game, the sort of title you pop on and pass and play with a group of rowdy friends. That it includes Kinect support only makes the experience better. » 7/20/11 12:00pm 7/20/11 12:00pm

First Footage of Burnout Crash! on Kinect May Leave Burnout Fans…

Criterion Games has a Burnout spin-off coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this fall, a game inspired by game shows and pinball, its creators say. Burnout Crash! is also the first Burnout game to support Kinect, an option that may leave you with a burning sensation. » 7/08/11 8:30pm 7/08/11 8:30pm

The Next Burnout Game is Part Pinball, Part Game Show, Part WTF?

Remember that bizarre, leaked Burnout game that added lobster monsters and UFOs to the crashtastic street racing formula? Electronic Arts and developer Criterion Games just made it official, unveiling Burnout CRASH! for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. » 7/07/11 4:15pm 7/07/11 4:15pm

Burnout Crash! Finally Adds Lobster Monsters and UFOs to Explosive…

Already outed by Australian's ratings board, the ESRB details the next game in the Burnout series, a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game that sounds... well, really different. » 5/06/11 5:40pm 5/06/11 5:40pm

Overseas Rating Points to Burnout Crash

Unannounced by Electronic Arts, Australia's Classification Board has nonetheless listed Burnout Crash. LinkedIn bios for Criterion developers hint that the game will be available on Xbox 360 and PS3. The game received a PG (basically, T for Teen) down under. [Siliconera] » 4/03/11 4:08pm 4/03/11 4:08pm