Their Last Games Were Cute as Heck. This One Looks Scary as Hell.

The last thing I was expecting from the creators behind cutesy platformer Bumpy Road and funky rhythm/stealth hybrid Beat Sneak Bandit was a gothic scare-fest. But it sure looks like that what their next game is going to be. » 9/04/12 12:30pm 9/04/12 12:30pm

Beat Sneak Bandit Will be the Jazziest Game You Play All Year

Indie developers Simogo have loosed another glimpse of their stealth/rhythm/platformer mash-up and the clip makes me need this game in my hands as soon as possible. You can see how the sneaky-toon character movement gets perfectly synced to BSB's wonky jazz instrumentals, making you hold both the whole song and patrol … » 1/13/12 2:30pm 1/13/12 2:30pm