​12 Of The Most Game-Changing TV Episodes Ever

If a TV show nowadays doesn't have at least one big twist now and then, chances are it doesn't remain on the air for long. But only a handful of TV series have the courage to completely transform themselves — to show something so crazy, it irrevocably redefines the show from that point on. We've been lucky to have… »5/27/14 2:43pm5/27/14 2:43pm


12 Most Codependent Supervillains of All Time

Some villains strive for wealth and power. Some villains strive for glory. But a surprising number of villains are motivated solely by their tangled relationships with the hero. These are love-hate relationships, in which the villain just wants to impress the hero or spend quality time together. Here are the 12 most… »2/26/14 1:21pm2/26/14 1:21pm

Multiverse Launching Buffy, Titanic, Second Life-ish Titles

Multiverse were working on a Firefly MMO »9/04/08 8:40am9/04/08 8:40am. We say "were", because as of today, that project's been "delayed", which in light of the following sounds a lot more like "cancelled": the company have announced they're working on a Buffy title, a Titanic title and a Second Life clone. The Buffy one sounds like the fleshiest…