Facebook Gainers: How the Heck Does Bubble Safari Ocean Score 23…

I often pick on Zynga's social games; that's what comes of being the biggest fish clumsily flopping through the pond. I poke at the company's financial troubles, bemoaning game closings. I've been known to revel mildly when their more popular games lose players to the underdogs (every other Facebook game developer).… » 1/08/13 9:55am 1/08/13 9:55am

What Facebook is Playing This Week: Less Bubble Safari, That's for Sure

Last week Zynga's Bubble Safari was in fourth place in the app leaderboards with 4.9 million daily active users. This week it's in the eighth place with only 3.6 million. Has the world finally realized that monkeys are giant jerks? » 10/22/12 8:55am 10/22/12 8:55am