Supreme Court Played Video Games Before Making Historic Decision

Though she "did seem to get it," when lawyers for California and the games industry were arguing before the Supreme Court, we weren't sure that Justice Elena Kagan, or justice, played any video games before their landmark Brown vs. EMA decision in 2011. Actually, they did. "It was kind of hilarious," she told the AP. »8/21/13 1:00pm8/21/13 1:00pm


California Pays the ESA $1.3 Million Dollars Over Video Game Free Speech Court Battles

Though they raised the ire of anti-SOPA/PIPA activists for their one-time support of the controversial anti-piracy bills, the ESA fought to numerous legal battles in the California court system against legislation that criminalized the sale of M-rated video games. That fight made its way to the United States Supreme… »1/26/12 11:00am1/26/12 11:00am

Monday's Expected Supreme Court Decision Will Tell America How Much Free Speech Protection Video Games Deserve

Monday will be a day that could radically change the status of video games in the United States. We're expecting the Supreme Court of the United States to finally issue a ruling, based on arguments they (and we) heard back in November, about whether the state of California can make it a crime to sell extremely violent… »6/24/11 10:00pm6/24/11 10:00pm