Adorable Drawings of Dog Breeds, Grouped By Their Place of Origin

Dog breeds can be a complicated subject, but, for better or worse, humans have been doing it for a long time. Breeds are not only instantly recognizable, the popular imagination has also tended to give dogs the same stereotypes of their nation of origin. But how many breeds and their homes can you actually name? » 9/26/14 3:24pm 9/26/14 3:24pm

Aww, The Pokémon We Wonder Trade Have It Rough

Breeding is easier than ever in Pokemon X & Y--and you know what that means, right? More people have picked breeding up, which inevitably led to more not-quite-perfect reject Pokemon. And the more you think about what these imperfect Pokemon have to go through, the more depressing the whole situation seems. » 12/30/13 3:30pm 12/30/13 3:30pm