Digital Storm's Budget Gaming PC Doesn't Sacrifice Power for a Reasonable Price

Digital Storm is a boutique gaming PC maker that I've traditionally associated with putting together mind-blowing systems that cost more than the vehicle I drive »8/29/12 4:00pm8/29/12 4:00pm. So when they announced a starting at only $799, I was taken aback. What could the company that's built the "" create at such a low price point?


Digital Storm Beats the Heat With the "World's Most Advanced PC"

Most boutique shops rely on other people's technology to keep the insides of your expensive machine cool. With a custom-designed chassis, the proprietary Cryo-TEC liquid cooling system, and software capable of controlling 13 case fans all at once, Digital Storm's Aventum isn't your average boutique machine.

The… »3/28/12 3:40pm3/28/12 3:40pm