Natasha Bedingfield Is Your Boogie SuperStar Spokesperson

Today EA announces that Wii title Boogie SuperStar » 8/27/08 8:00am 8/27/08 8:00am has a superstar of its own: Pop singer Natasha Bedingfield has signed on to be the game's official spokesperson. What's more, she's lending tunes "Angel", "Love Like This" and the title song from her new album . Says the songstress: The North American and…

EA Showcase 08 - AJ's Trial By Fire

This has been a hell of a first week at Kotaku - I had an event Tuesday, three events Wednesday, and yesterday was EA's super-huge Showcase which contained all the stuff that didn't make it to E3. Here's how AJ earned her keep this week: Battlefield Heroes – Battling The Stigma Of Battlefield » 8/15/08 9:00pm 8/15/08 9:00pm And stay tuned next…

Boogie SuperStar – Objectifying And Empowering Tween Girls Everywhere

Bubba, the starfish, is dead. Long live the anorexic tweens that dominate Boogie SuperStar – the new EA "casual" title aimed at young-ish girls who long to shake their underage booties and karaoke to their hearts' content. Boogie SuperStar is all about moving in rhythm to dance moves or singing karaoke on-pitch (but… » 8/15/08 5:40pm 8/15/08 5:40pm

Yes, I Really Did Watch A Guy Play Boogie Superstar

Girls, girls, girls. No, it's not a Vegas review, it's the target audience for EA's Wii title Boogie SuperStar, which was announced yesterday. I swung by EA's New York press event yesterday, too, where the game was on display, and I took a look at it. » 6/27/08 3:20pm 6/27/08 3:20pm

Hey Girls! Become a Boogie Superstar!

Hey Girls! EA is trying to get your attention! They've got a brand new game coming to the Nintendo Wii, and it's just for you! Boogie Superstar allows girls to sing and dance their way to superstardom to the tune of the hottest hits for girls! Girl-favorite artists like Fergie, Alicia Keys, Good Charlotte, Britney… » 6/26/08 11:20am 6/26/08 11:20am