Microsoft: 360 Install Base to Overtake Original Xbox This Month

In her presentation to the BMO Capital Markets Conference this morning, Microsoft's Mindy Mount noted that the Xbox 360's installation base will hit 25 million sometime this month, surpassing the installation base for the original Xbox. The 360 will hit that figure in three years, compared to more than five for the… »11/13/08 8:00pm11/13/08 8:00pm


Nintendo Eyes User Generated Content, Says "Entertainment Is A Two-Way Street"

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime spoke at today's BMO Capital Markets Interactive Entertainment Conference, starting his presentation with a look at the landscape of the five most popular web sites in 1996. Fils-Aime pointed out that each was a search engine, "gathered and controlled by someone else."… »11/13/08 5:40pm11/13/08 5:40pm

Is Take-Two Thinking of Subscription-Based GTA and BioShock?

During today's talk at the BMO Capital Market's conference, Take-Two head honcho Strauss Zelnick seemed very up on the idea of downloadable content, micro-transactions and even... subscriptions. "Looking ahead, the biggest opportunity that we see for the industry as well as for us is downloadable content," he said.… »11/13/08 3:00pm11/13/08 3:00pm