Fingers Crossed The Last Dark is Blood-C's First and Last Feature Film

This last weekend, Blood-C: The Last Dark was released in select theaters across Japan. This movie is the conclusion to the story-arc started in the 2011 anime Blood-C. It is also the latest in the Blood series—which started with the feature film Blood: The Last Vampire (2000) and was continued in the anime series … » 6/05/12 7:30am 6/05/12 7:30am

“Blood” is a Very Apt Title for This Anime Series

Blood: The Last Vampire was one the big anime movies of the late-nineties anime boom alongside other films such as Ghost in the Shell, Ninja Scroll, and Akira. Since then, it has had a live action remake, a 52-episode anime series (Blood+), three games (four if you count Heroes Phantasia), and several manga… » 6/01/12 7:00am 6/01/12 7:00am