Dragon Age Movie Got a Director

As first mentioned in 2010, Dragon Age is getting an animated CG feature. Today, MSNBC reported that it will be directed by Fumihiko Sori of Ping Pong fame. It'll be out in 2012 in Japan. [MSNBC] » 10/05/11 8:00am 10/05/11 8:00am

Steins; Gate Is Doing Alright for an Adventure Game

According to the game's developer, over 300,000 copies of the Dr Pepper lovin' Steins; Gate have been shipped in Japan. Not bad for an adventure series. Steins; Gate is available on the PC, Xbox 360, and PSP. [Twitter] » 6/30/11 7:30am 6/30/11 7:30am

Skype Officially Coming to Kinect, Windows Phone, Xbox Live

Rumored by Reuters last night, Microsoft this morning confirmed that they are buying Internet voice talk and video service Skype for $8.5 billion. They also confirmed that the service will "support" devices like the Xbox, Kinect and Windows Phone and that it will be connected to Xbox Live and other Microsoft… » 5/10/11 10:15am 5/10/11 10:15am

Credit Card Companies See No Sign of PSN Hack Fraud

Speaking to Bloomberg, spokesmen for Wells Fargo & Co., American Express Co. and MasterCard Inc. said they were monitoring cardholder accounts and hadn't seen unauthorized activity relating to Sony. [Bloomberg] » 4/28/11 12:28pm 4/28/11 12:28pm

The End Is the Beginning For FormerLEGO Universe Devs

The founders of NetDevil left their Colorado-based studio recently to kick off another game developer start-up. END Games Entertainment has been mostly quiet until today when a blogpost went live hinting at what the foundling studio plans to work on next. Hint: Think casual. [End Stand For...] » 3/22/11 7:06pm 3/22/11 7:06pm

A Psychoactive Drug That’s Spread Through Unprotected Sex with Men

You're a nefarious supervillian and you want to transform this city into a hive of mind-controlled minions. But you also need the element of surprise. Two new scientific studies offer a possible solution: behavior-changing proteins in sperm! [io9] » 3/17/11 1:20pm 3/17/11 1:20pm

How to Ditch Slow Wireless Speeds and Go Completely Wired in Your Home…

Wi-Fi provides a convenient way to connect the computers in your home without the hassle of wires, but Wi-Fi is also slow and unreliable compared to a wired connection. Here's how to go wired where it counts. [Lifehacker] » 3/17/11 12:20pm 3/17/11 12:20pm

Supremacy Shows Women Can Kick Ass

Women are a growing force in MMA fighting-and now they're fighting onscreen in the new game Supremacy. According to its developers, this could help counteract the "princess in need of rescuing" stereotype that dominates portrayals of women in games. [Jezebel] » 3/17/11 11:20am 3/17/11 11:20am

How To Drive Away From a Tsunami

Amazingly, videos of tsunami waves coming ashore in Japan this week showed many people driving away from the water. If you find yourself in a similar situation, how can you increase your chances of survival from nil to slim? [Jalopnik] » 3/17/11 10:20am 3/17/11 10:20am

Got Old-School 3D Glasses? Try Watching This 3DS Video

Giant Bomb is trying to show 3D footage from the Nintendo 3DS in anaglyphic—old-school red-and-blue paper glasses 3D. Cool! [Giant Bomb] » 3/16/11 4:30pm 3/16/11 4:30pm

Teen Boy Invents Leather And Pizza-Scented Candles For Men

After making fun of his sister for selling scented candles as a school fundraiser, 13-year-old Hart Main of Ohio was inspired to invent "Mancans," candles that emit manly odors. [Jezebel] » 3/16/11 4:15pm 3/16/11 4:15pm

Nyko’s Charge Base S For Xbox 360 Improves On The Unimprovable

The original Nyko Charge Base was like my personal team doctor, making sure my controllers were ready and charged for game time. But could Nyko improve on something that's near perfect? (Yup.) [Gizmodo] » 3/16/11 4:07pm 3/16/11 4:07pm

Fighting Game And Hack-And-Slash Game Delayed

Tokyo game maker Tecmo Koei delayed 3DS game Dead or Alive: Dimensions and action title Troy Musou for "various reasons". The new release dates are TBA. » 3/16/11 7:15am 3/16/11 7:15am

The Wii Is History To Electronic Arts

EA Games boss Frank Gibeau has called the Wii a "legacy platform". In other words, an old console. Something that goes next to the PS2 section. Ouch. » 3/16/11 3:15am 3/16/11 3:15am

Aussie Government Wants Adult Games, Considers Stepping In And Cracking…

It sounds like the Australian government, fed up with being the "laughing stock of the developed world", is going to step in and find some way to let Aussie adults play adult video games. About time! » 3/16/11 2:15am 3/16/11 2:15am

Ubisoft's PC Special Edition Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Soundtrack…

Ubisoft, the company that once used a pirate hack to fix one of its PC games, seems to be taking questionable shortcuts once more, as a Reddit user explores their downloadable special edition Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood soundtrack's shady origins. » 3/15/11 3:07pm 3/15/11 3:07pm

The Strange Link Between Samurai Swords and Japan’s Nuclear Reactors

As fears rise in Japan about nuclear disaster at the Fukushima plant, the first and best line of defense are the reactor's six inch thick steel-walled chambers, made by a company that still forges samurai swords by hand. [Jalopnik] » 3/15/11 1:27pm 3/15/11 1:27pm

Capcom Donating iPhone Street Fighter IV Sales to Quake Relief

Capcom has dropped the price of Street Fighter IV on the iPhone to $0.99 and is donating all sales to earthquake relief efforts in Japan. Pick up a copy of Street Fighter IV here. » 3/15/11 8:53am 3/15/11 8:53am

FarmVille, Mafia Wars & CityVille Get Their Own Currency

Social games maker Zynga moves one step closer to world domination, minting its own currency, the zCoin. In short, play games like FarmVille, FrontierVille, Mafia Wars, Zynga Poker and more, earn zPoints, cash those in for zCoins and grab exclusive items from RewardVille. The move comes months ahead of Facebook's… » 3/14/11 7:40pm 3/14/11 7:40pm

The Ultimate Anti-Bullying PSA: Kid Fights Back With Devastating Body…

Here's a PSA for bullies: That tubby kid you're taking pot shots at? He might be Zangief's nephew. [Deadspin] » 3/14/11 5:00pm 3/14/11 5:00pm