The Wii U grows exponentially more interesting, with the addition of outstanding modern platformer Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and classic role-playing game Breath of Fire II in today's Nintendo Download. What other wonders lurk in this week's selection of digital downloads? Behold! » 9/05/13 9:40am 9/05/13 9:40am

It's Pokémon Rumble U day in the Nintendo Download. They might not be the Pokémon you've been waiting for, but they'll do in a pinch. Don't forget to hit up GameStop for the near-field communication toys. And hey, is that the entire Bit.Trip Saga on 3DS for $5? SOLD! And that's pretty much it for this week's Nintendo… » 8/29/13 9:40am 8/29/13 9:40am

Our Weird Video Game Summer Has a No-Strike Madden, a Kooky Catherine, …

Blockbuster video games rarely released during the summer. But scale is no measure of quality; and while not all are of AAA-proportions, we'll demonstrate that this summer's schedule could include some of the strangest and boldest titles of the year. » 6/24/11 11:00am 6/24/11 11:00am

The Entire Bit.Trip Saga Is Coming To Nintendo 3DS

The adventures of Commander Video are served six ways in the new Bit.Trip Saga, the Nintendo 3DS compilation that will included every Bit.Trip game released by developer Gaijin Games. Not only do you get Bit. Trip Beat, you get Core, Void, Runner, Fate and Flux. » 4/28/11 8:45pm 4/28/11 8:45pm