How You'll 'Connect' to Others in Call of Duty Elite

Activision's social network and stat-tracking service for the Call of Duty enthusiast, Call of Duty Elite, may become your preferred way to meet and play against your fellow first-person shooter fans. It does a whole lot more, but let's take a look at what Elite's Connect feature suite is all about. » 9/03/11 6:30pm 9/03/11 6:30pm

How Call of Duty Elite Works, and Why You Might Be Paying For It

The people who make Call of Duty keep promising that they won't charge you extra to play their hit game against other people. They shoot down any fears that they're going to turn CoD multiplayer into a pay-per-month subscription service, a la World of Warcraft or HBO. » 5/31/11 9:00am 5/31/11 9:00am