Overlooked School Says Their Fight Song Can Be Patched Into NCAA 13

Baylor University wants answers from a music licensing group it trusted to manage its fight song, which did not end up in a video game whose cover celebrates the school and its first Heisman Trophy winner.

The good news for Baylor Bears fans who bought NCAA Football 13 is that "Old Fite" could be patched back into… »7/17/12 2:52pm7/17/12 2:52pm

NCAA Football's Cover School Says It Had Nothing to do With Fight Song's Disappearance

Baylor University says it demanded no extra money from EA Sports for the use of its fight song in NCAA Football 13 »7/16/12 6:30pm7/16/12 6:30pm and no one in the university's administration had anything to do with the song's exclusion in this year's version of the game, which released last week with its Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback starring…