Get To Know Three Of The Classes From Bethesda's Battlecry

When Bethesda showed of its gun-less take of Team Fortress 2 earlier this year, special event attendees got to check out three of Battlecry's five announced classes — Enforcer, Duellist and Tech Archer. Now you get to see them as well. » 11/01/14 4:30pm 11/01/14 4:30pm

Bethesda's Newest Game Is Like Team Fortress Without Guns

Today Bethesda announced the first new title to come from their fairly new studio: Battlecry in development by...Battlecry. Battlecry is a free-to-play, third-person, 32-player team action combat game for PC. It plays and reads a lot like Team Fortress, but without the gunpowder. » 5/28/14 10:00am 5/28/14 10:00am