This Isn't Cosplay. It's Theater!

Those battling Ikki Tousen girls are bringing their torn clothes and short skirts to the Tokyo stage. The manga turned video game and anime series is getting a theatrical adaptation. » 11/17/12 3:00am 11/17/12 3:00am

They're Totally Addicted to Cosplay

If those addicted to work are called "workaholics" and those addicted to chocolate are called "chocoholics", then what are those who are addicted to cosplay called? » 5/09/11 4:00am 5/09/11 4:00am

This Bridget Is Probably A Girl

Bridget from fighting game Guilty Gear might look like a girl, but Bridget is not a girl. Bridget is a boy. This Bridget, this Bridget is a girl. Maybe. » 8/11/10 1:00am 8/11/10 1:00am