Deus Ex, Banner Saga, Kerbal Space Program, Torchlight II, BBC Docs

Overpriced DLC, outsourced boss battles, fake Wii U exclusivity, and a lot of bullshit has surrounded Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but put all that behind you because today you grab Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut for $16 on PS3 and 360. That's the lowest price so far for this must play that a lot of peopleā€¦ » 4/23/14 1:15pm 4/23/14 1:15pm

See The Banner Saga's Tactical Combat In Action

We've been keeping an eye on Stoic's Kickstarter'd strategy role-playing game The Banner Saga for a while now. The small studio, consisting of three ex-BioWare developers, describes their game as "role-playing meets turn-based strategy, wrapped into an adventure mini-series about vikings." » 10/02/12 4:30pm 10/02/12 4:30pm

An Early Look At Combat In The Banner Saga

If you're like me, you've had a curious eye on The Banner Saga since it was announced earlier this year. Three former BioWare developers went to Kickstarter before Kickstarter became "Kickstarter" (if that makes sense?) to fund a DRM-free PC/Mac RPG called The Banner Saga. » 7/25/12 2:30pm 7/25/12 2:30pm