Watch CNBC Painfully Try to Make Angry Birds and Bad Piggies Jokes

Listen, CNBC, I understand that there's a lot of complex data flying all over the global economics maps at any given time. And anything that a TV producer can do to make all that parsing and projection seem even a little bit fun or plugged into pop culture must feel almost like an obligation. But, man, this… »9/28/12 11:00am9/28/12 11:00am

Here’s Your First Look at Bad Piggies, The Next Game from the Angry Birds People

Swine are supposed to be one of the smartest species of fauna on the planet. So it makes sense that Bad Piggies--the next big game coming from Rovio, the dev studio who created the hit Angry Birds franchise—will have players trying to be mad scientists who create all sorts of insane transportation to get from point A… »9/17/12 1:08pm9/17/12 1:08pm