I Was Excited By This Puzzle RPG, Until I Had To Pay

Matching gems to cast elemental spells, buying more powerful weapons and armor, equipping runes that unlock powerful skills and spells — Backflip Studios' Spellfall is everything I've ever wanted in a puzzle RPG, plus agressive microtransactions. » 8/17/14 5:00pm 8/17/14 5:00pm

Now's Your Chance to Get Every Dragonvale Dragon You've Missed

Notorious for releasing limited-time only dragons and driving players insane trying to breed them before time runs out, Backflip Studios shows fans mercy for the holidays, unlocking every dragon ever released in the game for breeding and purchase—for a limited time, at least. » 12/19/12 2:45pm 12/19/12 2:45pm

Dragonvale with Robots?! You Bastards.

On no less than two separate occasions have I bemoaned the addictive nature of iPhone breeding game Dragonvale, the mobile game I've played longer than any other. Now Backflip Studios takes the same formula and applies it to robots. Dammit. » 10/26/12 9:55am 10/26/12 9:55am

This Diabolical Dragon Breeding Game Has Kept Me Playing for Over a Year

You want to know how a free-to-play iPhone game keeps a guy that barely has time to play new releases engrossed for more than 365 days? I have one day left to breed a Solstice dragon, and three days to breed a Sapphire. Curse you, Dragonvale. » 9/26/12 2:55pm 9/26/12 2:55pm

By the Time the Army of Darkness Reached the iPhone It Was Too Late

Nineteen years ago Bruce Campbell and his time-displaced chin took on the forces of evil in a movie that generated a good fifteen years' worth of amusing quotes. Today Backflip Studios releases Army of Darkness Defense for the iPhone. » 5/12/11 5:20pm 5/12/11 5:20pm