No More Crossovers: Five Thoughts on the End of Marvel's Avengers vs. X-Men

This is the way things work in superhero comics: trauma explodes and its aftermath is only good for shuffling the status quo. Grief gets its 15 minutes, sure, but cataclysmic happenings are really just about getting readers interested in coming back for new chunks of story.

That's not always a bad thing, but it's… »10/09/12 3:00pm10/09/12 3:00pm


New Avengers #30 Puts Three of My Favorite Marvel Superheroes in One Place At the End of the World

To my mind, the best episodes of a big-deal, all-hands-on-deck superhero crossover event are the ones that focus on the ground-level repercussions of the world-threatening chaos. I remember reading a great issue of Gotham Central »6/12/12 3:30pm6/12/12 3:30pm when DC's event was happening that showed riots and madness in the streets of Batman's…