Watch Me Beat Up Captain America and Magneto in Less Than Three Minutes

I've always wanted to be an Avenger. But I'd generally pictured being one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes as being a bit more dignified than what I experienced yesterday. » 7/20/12 7:00pm 7/20/12 7:00pm

X-Men, Spider-Man Make Appearances In Avengers: Battle for Earth Trailer

Here's a first look at Avengers: Battle for Earth, which Ubisoft will release this fall for Wii U and Xbox 360/Kinect. » 6/04/12 6:43pm 6/04/12 6:43pm

Avengers: Battle for Earth Video Game Assembling on Xbox 360 and Wii U…

Marvel's just announced that their premiere superhero team will be hitting game consoles later this year, confirming recent rumors about such a game's existence. » 5/10/12 10:36am 5/10/12 10:36am