Ocean Marketting Jackass Earns $10 Discount for All Pre-Orders

In a statement just released, N-Control, maker of the "Avenger" accessory linked to the infamous marketer Paul Christoforo, has promised a $10 discount coupon for all who pre-ordered the device, as an apology for Christoforo's conduct toward a customer, which drew the wrath of the global video gaming community earlier… »12/28/11 11:15pm12/28/11 11:15pm

Cut Paul "@OceanMarketting @OceanStratagy" Christoforo a Break—He Might Just Have Roid Rage [Updated]

It's been a heck of a day for Paul Christoforo, whose flippant email to a customer asking about his Avenger controller order has made Christoforo a walking memetic punchline. But maybe we should cut Christoforo a break for his overly aggressive emails: he could just be feeling the effects of roid rage. »12/27/11 3:45pm12/27/11 3:45pm