How About A 2D Brawler With a More RPG-Like Combat System?

Last year we showed you Treachery In Beatdown City, an interesting brawler with an unusual combat system that is being made by a very small team in New York City. They're targeting PlayStation Mobile first and have taken to Kickstarter to help finance development. Lead creator Shawn Allen joins us below to answer… »2/25/14 1:20pm2/25/14 1:20pm


How About A Post-Apocalypse Zombie Game Where You're Blind?

Some young game designers who call themselves Those Guys are trying to kickstart an idea for an unusual graphics-free game. They're calling Apocalypse: Survive It, and the idea is that you're in a zombie apocalypse...and are blind. Those Guys are joining us below to talk about their Kickstarter and answer any… »2/13/14 3:30pm2/13/14 3:30pm