The First Film of Ghost in the Shell: Arise is True to Its Roots

This past week saw the release of the first chapter of the newest iteration of the Ghost in the Shell franchise with Ghost in the Shell: Arise border: 1 Ghost Pain. While the changes in the character designs have caused many to worry, let me assure you, the changes are only skin deep. » 6/25/13 7:00am 6/25/13 7:00am

The New Ghost in the Shell Series Gets Its First Trailer

Earlier tonight here in Tokyo, Bandai Visual held a launch event for Ghost in the Shell: Arise, the new Ghost in the Shell anime series announced earlier this year. The event was full of interviews with the various creators of the new series and had several interesting announcements—like the fact that it is a… » 2/12/13 8:10am 2/12/13 8:10am