The Angry Video Game Nerd Tackles the Most Infamous Game in History

When this whole YouTube thing was just getting started, one man began to review the Nintendo games that ruined his childhood—often with beer, explosions, cursing, and human feces. Nearly a decade later, The Angry Video Game Nerd has his own movie where he goes up against the most infamous bad game of all time: E.T. »10/07/14 8:00am10/07/14 8:00am


The Angry Video Game Nerd's Feature Film has an Official Trailer

The scourge of terrible retro games over the past six years, James Rolfe—the Angry Video Game Nerd—has been working on a feature-length film for some time; he announced plans for it back in 2010 and last year cut back production of the Angry Video Game Nerd series to focus on it. Yesterday, he uploaded the feature's… »11/11/12 12:00pm11/11/12 12:00pm