​Best Game About Being a Spider Gets a Sequel with a Real-World Twist

Five years ago, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor became an instant classic in the iPhone games library. The moody, wordless experience turned players into multi-legged predators wending their way into creepy environments and a foreboding meta-story. That game's sequel won't just be debuting on iOS; it'll be on… » 4/13/14 5:00pm 4/13/14 5:00pm

Meet Amazon Fire TV, A Video-Streaming Android Gaming Mini-Console

During a special event in New York City today, Amazon's long-rumored Android game console came to light as Amazon Fire TV, a streaming set-top box that's essentially a Kindle Fire for your television. » 4/02/14 11:19am 4/02/14 11:19am