Nintendo's Patent Case: The Unanswered Questions

Earlier today, we learned that Nintendo had lost its bid for a new trial in the patent infringement suit brought against it by small Texas-based firm Anascape Ltd. Nintendo is ordered to pay $21 million to Anascape, who also named Microsoft and Sony in the same lawsuit — those two, however, opted earlier to settle out… » 7/22/08 6:20pm 7/22/08 6:20pm

Nintendo Loses in Bid to Reduce Patent Infringe Penalty

You may recall that earlier in May, Nintendo was pinched to the tune of $21 million in a patent infringement suit brought by Texas-based Anascape. Upon further review, the play stands - a U.S. District Court judge denied Ninty's pretty-please to cut that $21 mil to a less lottoriffic number. So unless they want to… » 6/29/08 10:00am 6/29/08 10:00am

Nintendo Lose Patent Lawsuit, Owe $21 Million

In 2006, a small Texan company by the name of Anascape Ltd. took Nintendo and Microsoft to court, claiming the pair had infringed on patents Anascape held relating to game controllers (presumably this one, filed in 2000, for a "3D controller with vibration"). While Microsoft decided to settle things out of court,… » 5/15/08 1:30am 5/15/08 1:30am