Adventure Time Creator Has Four Game Ideas For Double Fine

Pen Ward's been involved in a couple of games in some way or another, but never quite like this. Thanks to Double Fine's two-week-long game jam—Amnesia Fortnight, aka the reason why Double Fine made Costume Quest, Stacking and others—you'll get to vote on several pitches to see which the developers will prototype,… »2/06/14 4:30pm2/06/14 4:30pm


Tim Schafer Wants You to Know How Double Fine Makes Its Games

The Amnesia Fortnight sessions at Double Fine have been a sort of open secret at Tim Schafer's Double Fine development studios. People can point to what's come out of those brainstorming marathons, in the form of Iron Brigade, Costume Quest and Stacking. And the folks at Double Fine have made the latest Amnesia… »11/22/12 5:00pm11/22/12 5:00pm

You Can Help Decide What Games Tim Schafer And Double Fine Make Next (If You Pay)

This year, as Tim Schafer and his Kickstarter-loaded team at Double Fine do their regular game jam Amnesia Fortnight—during which they throw everything out the window and experiment with crazy game ideas (like the ones that would eventually become Costume Quest and Stacking)—they're making the whole thing public. And… »11/19/12 3:04pm11/19/12 3:04pm