Alien Crush Returns – Space Venereal Disease Strikes WiiWare

Is there some rule among game developers that all creepy space aliens have to look like vaginas with teeth? If so, what makes you think you can throw a half-dozen of them into a pinball game and have the best possible WiiWare title ever? Alien Crush Returns hit WiiWare Monday; I found this out after attending Hudson’s… »11/07/08 6:00pm11/07/08 6:00pm


Weekly Wii Update - Space Harrier, Alien Crush, And Interior Design?

This week in Nintendo Wii downloadables, two classic franchises make their triumphant return, and if neither tickles your fancy you can always take a crash course in interior design. That's right, in addition to good old Space Harrier »11/03/08 11:20am11/03/08 11:20am for the Sega Master System (500 points) and Hudson's classic pinball title reborn…