Prepare Yourself. For Life On the Wall.

You're at the bottom of an impossibly enormous wall. Your village is at the top. To get there you're going to have to manipulate the blocky surface of the wall (and beat some bad guys and other random stuff). » 12/05/11 4:40am 12/05/11 4:40am

Fund Against the Wall, A Gorgeous Puzzle Platformer

All of civilization clings to a giant omnipresent wall, your village is miles above you. What do you do?
Against the Wall is a game in which you manipulate the walls around you to access new parts of "The Wall". All with the one goal of just getting home. Elegant visuals, interesting gameplay and a surreal plot areā€¦ » 11/23/11 5:40pm 11/23/11 5:40pm

When Your World is a Sheer Vertical Wall, All You Can Do is Climb

When I first loaded up Michael P. Consoli's Against the Wall I felt the early onset of panic. In front of me, stretching out in all four directions was a vertical wall made of blocks of varying sizes. » 10/27/11 5:20pm 10/27/11 5:20pm