Hey Pranksters, Get Your Ridiculous Level-5 Wallpaper Right Here!

Recently, Level-5 held a popularity contest, with the most popular characters appearing in a special wallpaper. Good thing internet pranksters apparently rolled the poll, because the ensuing wallpaper is all kinds of fun. Sure, the airplane is easy to spot, but you find the porter from Aero Porter? » 7/10/13 6:30am 7/10/13 6:30am

Perhaps, Blame Internet Pranksters for Scorning Professor Layton

Remember how 4chan voted Kim Jung-un as Time's Person of the Year? Well, something kind of like that might have happened in Japan—but minus Time and the communist dictator. » 6/26/13 5:30am 6/26/13 5:30am

Oh. Aero Porter is a Yoot Saito Game. That Explains Everything.

I used to love SimCity so much that I bought SimEverything, which is why I didn't just play SimTower but studied a game guide in a bookstore in order to discern how to best manage the game's elevators. Elevator management! The joy. » 12/04/12 10:40am 12/04/12 10:40am