The Most Valuable Comic Book Of All Time Is Up For Auction On eBay

Originally published in June 1938, Action Comics #1 is the premier issue of the Action Comics series, and, most notably, the issue in which Superman makes his first appearance. Now, the finest known copy of "the Holy Grail of Comics" is up for auction on eBay – and the top bid is already close to $2-million. » 8/16/14 2:58pm 8/16/14 2:58pm

$100,000 Comic Book Found in the Wall of a $10,000 Home

A Minnesota man working on a fixer-upper tore down a wall and found, among the newspapers stuffed inside to insulate it, a copy of Action Comics No. 1. That's right, Superman's first appearance. The birth of superhero comics. It'll go for at least $100,000—but it could have sold for a lot more. » 5/25/13 2:00pm 5/25/13 2:00pm